Cardinal Raymond Burke Slams Biden’s Reception of Holy Communion

Cardinal Raymond Burke called President Joe Biden’s receiving of Holy Communion a sacrilege in an interview with Matt Fradd on his podcast called Pints with Aquinas.

According to Burke, there must be a strengthening of faith.  Otherwise, we have President Biden, who professes to be a fervent Catholic but who supports abortion up to the point of delivery.  He supports the transgender agenda as a whole, which goes against all that God has planned for humanity.  Then, he goes to accept Holy Communion, which is obviously impossible given his open and unwavering rejection of Christ’s teachings.  This cannot be allowed, both for his own and the Church’s sake, since it is sacrilegious.

Burke said this is not about escalating tensions. Instead, it is a demonstration of reverence for Jesus Christ.

Cardinal Burke suggested that President Biden be informed that he cannot approach the altar for Holy Communion so long as he supports policies, programs, and legislation that are contrary to the Divine Law when asked what might be done about it. Furthermore, if he does, he must abstain from receiving Holy Communion.

Joe Biden has been criticized for disavowing important principles of his claimed religion on many occasions.  Biden was called a “cafeteria Catholic” by Wilton Cardinal Gregory of the Washington Archdiocese.

One who selectively believes in some teachings of the Catholic Church is said to be a “cafeteria Catholic” by Catholics do not have the liberty to pick and choose whatever moral and religious principles they adhere to.

The faithful are obligated to submit their mind and will to the teachings of the Church, even in cases where the Church hasn’t made a definite pronouncement on a moral or theological topic (CIC 752).

Burke asserts that Biden’s devotion to his religion is genuine. However, he selectively emphasizes certain aspects of Catholicism while downplaying or even opposing others, much like many other Catholics.  

A new Pew Research Center survey indicates that Joe is facing a decline in support among Catholic voters.

According to the survey, if the election were to take place today, Donald Trump would have the support of 55% of Catholic voters. Of those who have expressed their support for Biden, only 43% listed him as their candidate.