Canceled Mumford And Sons Guitarist Announces New Project With Conservative British Magazine

( Remember when the woke mobs went after Winston Marshall, the former guitarist for Mumford and Sons who admitted that he read Andy Ngo’s book about Antifa?

Well, it looks like the cancel culture mob lost – because Marshall just announced that he would begin working with British cultural magazine The Spectator on a new project called “Marshall Matters.”

The musician, who was forced out of the band because he refused to apologize for reading a book and learning about the extreme violence promoted by Antifa, said that he has partnered with the famous magazine to work on a new podcast that will focus on interviewing “people across the creative industries to find out what indeed is the state of the arts.”

That’s amazing!

Announcing the news on Twitter, Marshall said, “This is gonna be fun.”

After leaving the band – which was technically his decision, but everybody knows he was forced out – the musician has been calling for people to stand with the Uyghur Muslims who are being systematically brutalized, punished, and enslaved by the Chinese Communist Party. In November this year, he even hosted a fundraiser in London to raise awareness which featured Uyghur art, food, and music.

That’s more than President Joe Biden has done to raise awareness about the torture and enslavement of ethnic minorities in China…

Marshall is enjoying new fame with a new audience and even recently met with intellectuals and writers like Jordan Peterson and Bari Weiss.

We’re sure you’re just as excited about the new podcast as we are.