Canadian Serial Killer Dies After Fatal Assault in Prison

Close up shot of hands in handcuffs leaning on prison cell bars. Criminal serves imprisonment term in correctional facility or detention center. African American prisoner in orange uniform in jail.

Robert Pickton, a 74-year-old Canadian serial murderer famously dubbed “the Pig Farm Killer,” was brutally attacked by another prisoner and murdered in a maximum-security jail. 

Pickton was found guilty in 2007 of murdering and slaughtering the bodies of drug users and prostitutes and concealing them on the farm. Additionally, he was found guilty of the murders of six women whose fragmentary corpses were discovered on his rundown property close to Vancouver. The government withdrew charges for 20 more killings following his life sentence.

More than sixty women went missing from the impoverished, drug-ridden Downtown Eastside community of Vancouver for almost a decade prior to Pickton’s arrest in early 2002; this case garnered attention on a global scale. 

On Pickton’s pig farm in Port Coquitlam, approximately 25 kilometers east of downtown Vancouver, the DNA or remains of 33 women were discovered. A number of these women were Indigenous. 

Shortly after it went up on Amazon in 2016, a book purportedly penned by Picktonn was removed from the site. In his book, he claimed innocence.

At the time of Pickton’s attack, a 51-year-old prisoner was in police custody. Pickton received a life sentence without the possibility of parole after being found guilty on six charges of second-degree murder in 2007. Over twenty-two years ago, when hundreds of women from Vancouver’s seediest neighborhoods, sex workers, and drug addicts left to fend for themselves went missing, police started exploring the Pickton farm in the Port Coquitlam suburb of Vancouver. The probe would go on for years.

The Canadian Correctional Service is investigating the Pickton attack. It is thoroughly investigating the incident to determine whether all procedures and standards were followed. Even though many people feel he probably got what he deserved, his death deserves to be investigated and murderers held accountable.

The rules and guidelines that were in place, as well as any other relevant facts and situations, will also be thoroughly investigated.