Canada’s Prime Minister Attacked On Camera

( Just as President Joe Biden is struggling to be a popular figure in the United States, Liberal Party leader and Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau is struggling to face the public as he heads up his party’s election campaign.

During a campaign stop in London, Ontario, the far-left prime minister was seen getting pelt with gravel by anti-lockdown and pro-freedom protesters. It comes after Trudeau implemented an extreme lockdown in the country and indicated that he believes in vaccine mandates.

The election, which Trudeau called a handful of weeks ago, is widely considered to be a power grab for Trudeau, allowing him to consolidate his power for another full term before enacting a string of new extremist and authoritarian policies.

And given that Trudeau has regularly argued that COVID-19 should be used as a “reset” opportunity in Canada, anti-lockdown campaigners have a lot to be scared of.

In the video footage below, you can see angry Canadians shouting “f*ck you Trudeau!”

Many of the protesters were also waving flags representing the People’s Party of Canada, a populist political party that formed in recent years in response to the Canadian Conservative Party’s lurch to the left.

You’d think that Trudeau might consider walking back some of his more extreme policies when he sees anger like this from the public, but he has not yet indicated that he will do so.

For Justin Trudeau, this election campaign seems to be a minor stumbling block that he must get over before taking office for a new term, rather than an opportunity to learn about the concerns of the general public.