Cable News Ratings March 18: Tucker Crushes Competition in the Demo

( As hard as the American corporate media tries, with it comes to the ratings game, CNN and MSNBC just can’t compete against Tucker Carlson.

Over the past week, Fox News Channel’s “The Tucker Carlson Show” has smashed his competition in the coveted 25-54 demographic, often crushing his competitors by a wide margin.

Last Friday, Tucker drew 59 percent of the 25-54 demo audience, drawing 495,000 viewers. CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” was a far distant second for the timeslot with 29 percent or 241,000 viewers. MSNBC’s “All In” with Chris Hayes came in third place with only 12 percent or 105,000 viewers.

On Monday, Tucker was number one for all cable news in the 25-54 demo, garnering 671,000 viewers. For the eight p.m. timeslot, Tucker grabbed 61 percent of the demo. Second place Anderson Cooper drew only 278,000 (25 percent), while MSNBC’s Chris Hayes was last again at 160,000 viewers (a sad 14 percent).

The trend continued on Tuesday, with Tucker blowing past his competition with 577,000 viewers (50 percent) in the 25-54 demo. Anderson Cooper came in second with 29 percent or 302,000. And Chris Hayes drew 242,000 or 21 percent.

Tucker remained number one on cable news overall on Wednesday, hauling in 654,000 viewers in the 25-54 demo. For the eight p.m. timeslot, Tucker had 51 percent of the demo. Anderson Cooper was able to draw 378,000 viewers (30 percent) while Chris Hayes finished Wednesday with 241,000 or 19 percent.

The 25-54 demographic is coveted because that’s the audience potential advertisers want to target.

As much as the far-left Twitter mobs and their enablers at CNN or MSNBC may want to drive advertisers away from Tucker’s show, it’ll be hard for advertisers to resist the temptation to put their money on a show that consistently crushes his competition in that key demographic the way Tucker Carlson does night after night.