Buttigieg Claims Biden Is Picketing Because He’s Pro-Worker

On September 27th, the 2nd Republican presidential primary debate was held at the Ronald Reagan Library in California. While the stage was not as crowded as the first debate which took place in Milwaukee, candidates who trail the party frontrunner by double digit margins clashed with each other. Ultimately, the debates may prove to be irrelevant; Donald Trump, the former 45th president who enjoys a large lead in the field, skipped the affair entirely. Trump still commands a lead of over 40-points over his nearest challenger, Ron DeSantis. While many Republicans claim that the American business mogul from New York City is an unelectable candidate and point to his unpopularity amongst moderate and independent voters and poor approval ratings while he served as president, Trump remains defiant and commands the majority of support from GOP voters.

On the Democratic side, the incumbent president Joe Biden remains widely unpopular. Biden has seemingly failed and floundered in every field of leadership and policy while serving as the 46th president. Globally, foreign adversaries of America have been clearly emboldened after Biden led an embarrassing withdrawal from Afghanistan. Domestically, things have gone awfully wrong for the president, as inflation has soared to historic highs under his leadership, and the American middle class, which was already shrinking, continues to struggle mightily. At the southern border, millions of illegals continue to enter the country unchecked, and across the nation, thousands of autoworkers are on strike, calling for higher wages and better work-life demands from auto corporations.

In a recent statement, Pete Buttigieg, Biden’s secretary of transportation claimed that Biden will join auto workers on picket lines in the coming days due to his “pro worker” beliefs. Ironically, as Bidens policies have crushed the middle class, he continues to attempt to save face and gain political support from potential voters. Buttigieg claims the president has no political motivations in his decision to picket.