Business With Ties To John Kerry Has Shipments Seized

( A shocking new report just revealed how John Kerry, the “climate czar” hired by President Joe Biden to represent the United States on climate matters, has a $1 million stake in an investment fund that was backed by a Chinese company that has been heavily criticized for allegedly using slave labor.

Not only that, but the report reveals how the United States Customs and Border Protection agency seized a shipment from LONGi Green Energy Technology last week. The company, which is the biggest manufacturer of solar panels in the world, saw its products seized as it entered the United States because of legislation that bans the importation of products made with slave labor.

LONGi purchased polysilicon to be used in the manufacturing of the solar panels from three different companies that obtain their raw materials from the Hoshine Silicone Industry in the Xinjiang province – the region where huge numbers of Uyghur Muslims are being kept as slaves in concentration and work camps.

The solar panels were held by CBP between October 28 and November 3. They were held as part of a “Withhold Release Order.” It’s not the only example of Chinese products being held at the border, either.

According to Bloomberg News, products from JinkoSolar Holding Company Limited, Canadian Solar Inc., and Trina Solar Co. have also been held by CBP in recent months.

In December of 2020, Hillhouse China Value Fund – which Kerry currently holds a stake in – purchased a 6% stake in LONGi. The fund became the second-largest shareholder.

Hillhouse Capital Group is run by Chinese billionaire investor Zhang Leo, who is heavily connected to the Chinese Communist Party.

So, why does a Biden administration official have these deep ties with China?