Britain ENTERS LOCKDOWN After “Conservative” MPs Vote To Shut Down Economy

( So-called “conservative Members of Parliament in the United Kingdom voted on Wednesday to plunge England into a second lockdown that would force millions of people to stay at home for a month.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson successfully passed the new legislative measures that would put England into a new lockdown from Thursday but experienced a small rebellion from conservative MPs who said it was an overreach. The House of Commons, Britain’s elected chamber, voted to support the new measures 516 to 38.

Johnson was supported by the far-left Labour Party, which overwhelmingly supported the fresh measures after telling the Prime Minister to shut the national economy down for weeks before.

Unlike the first lockdown, which saw the whole of the United Kingdom forced to stay at home for months, people will be able to attend school, college, and university. Other permitted activities include jogging and walking or going food shopping. Those who do not work in retail or hospitality will also be allowed to go to work if their offices are open.

During a debate in the House of Commons on the new measures, Prime Minister Johnson said he hoped the measure would allow the national economy to re-open on December 2 in the run-up to Christmas.

There has been some confusion over whether the lockdown will really end on December 2 as promised, with cabinet official Michael Gove telling the press earlier in the week that the lockdown would be reviewed at that date.

Johnson warned that if the country did not act now, they could see deaths “on a grievous scale” with hospitals facing “extraordinary trouble” in December.

The Prime Minister, however, has faced a huge amount of opposition from the British people and conservative pundits. Data also suggests that the United Kingdom has already passed the peak in the second wave of new cases, suggesting the lockdown may not even be necessary.

High-profile conservative parliamentarians stood up to the Prime Minister on the decision. Sir Graham Brady, the chairman of the influential conservative 1922 Committee said he would vote “with greater conviction” than at any other time in his 23 years in the House of Commons against the lockdown.

“The thing that troubles me the most is that the government is reaching too far into the private and family lives of our constituents,” he said.