Brett Kavanaugh’s Neighbors Are Fed Up With The Protestors Surrounding Their Homes

(     The Democrat Party is playing a dangerous game by refusing to condemn the ongoing protests outside of the homes of the conservative justices on the Supreme Court.

The problem with letting far-left activists have free rein is that they will inevitably push so far that even Democrat voters will get disgusted by them.

And that is precisely what’s happening with these pro-abortion activists turning up every week outside of Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home.

It was reported in the Washington Post last week that Kavanaugh’s neighbors, many of them pro-choice Democrat voters, have had enough of the screeching lunatics protesting outside of his home.

Neighbors told the Post that their kids are terrified to leave their homes to go outside to play. The parents aren’t especially thrilled with it either, telling the Post that the activists have become “more belligerent, using lots of foul language in their chants.”

One neighbor told the Post that the activists aren’t just shrieking at Kavanaugh; they are also targeting his neighbors, calling them “fascists” anytime someone asks them to shut up.

One of Kavanaugh’s neighbors who was initially on board with the protests told the Post she had even joined one of the protests against Kavanaugh last fall. But when the group got to his house, she grew uncomfortable with how the “language turned from issue-based to personal.”

Yes, that’s because far-left activists are horrible people with no OFF button. Language turning personal is baked-in.

These radical cranks have gotten so out of hand that they’re pissing off people on their own side.

In mid-July, the Montgomery County Police Department warned protesters to tone it down and keep their protests moving to avoid violating the ban on “picketing” at a private residence.

And while the activists are no longer using noise amplification devices, they are still showing up each Wednesday night to picket outside of Kavanaugh’s house, despite neighbors filing complaints and calling the cops.

One neighbor told the Post that the activists are “hurting their own cause.”

Ya think?