Brett Baier Blocks Wendy Rogers On Twitter After Being Called A Liar

( Bret Baier isn’t exactly the most popular Fox News anchor, and he once again proved why conservatives might have good reason to be skeptical of him. The longtime Fox anchor blocked State Senator Wendy Rogers of Arizona on Twitter after she called him out for promoting fake news about the ongoing forensic election audit taking place in the State.

Baier, who hosts “Special Report with Bret Baier,” blocked Rogers on the social media platform after she publicly called him out for his “bungling of the Arizona call” on November 3rd for President and for “lying” and “discrediting” the audit currently taking place in the state.

The forensic election audit, which is being undertaken by a third-party organization, is the most detailed election audit to ever take place in the United States – and yet Bret Baier chose to side with the Democrats in dismissing it, presumably in the hope that he will win points with the woke Left.

Rogers publicly exposed Baier for lying about the audit and included a screenshot showing that Baier had “blocked” her from engaging with him on Twitter.

What is Baier so afraid of?

Baier is tetchy about his coverage of the election audit. When Susan St. James accusing him of reporting that no fraud took place in Maricopa County, he hit back and claimed that he didn’t say that, and people should review the tape.

“I said the investigation continues and so far officially only roughly 200 ballots have been thrown out,” he said on Twitter.

But the truth is, Baier doesn’t know how many ballots have been thrown out as the results of the audit have yet to be revealed. That means nobody knows the extent to which the fraud and/or misconduct in Arizona affected the election.

It sounds more like Baier hoping that the audit doesn’t find fraud…because that would make his life easier.