“Boycott Target” Song Skyrockets On Charts

A pro-Trump hip-hop artist decided to capitalize on the ongoing controversy over Target’s 2023 Pride Collection by releasing a single titled “Boycott Target” which, on Monday, hit Number One on the Apple iTunes hip-hop chart.

In a tweet on Monday, hip-hop artist Forgiato Blow posted a video boasting of the song’s success and promising to release a remix soon.

Forgiato Blow, whose real name is Kurt Jantz, filmed the song’s official music video at a Target store.

In an interview on Fox News, he said he was banned from both Facebook and Instagram “for speaking positivity.” He said that people on the right are “shifting the culture” and “waking people up” by letting them know that they “don’t have to just follow the crowd.”

The ongoing boycott against Target is costing the retail giant billions.

By last Friday, seven days after introducing its Pride Month display, Target had lost $9.3 billion, or 12.6 percent, of its market share.

On Sunday, the New York Post reported that the company lost $10 billion, or 14 percent of its market share, in just ten days.

On Wednesday, May 17, Target stock was valued at $160.96 a share. By the close of trading on Friday, the share price had plummeted to $138.93.

According to the New York Post, the drop in stock price makes Target’s share price the lowest it has been in almost three years.

On Wednesday, Fox Business reported that Target lost another $2.4 billion by the close of trading on Tuesday, with shares dropping by another 3.66 percent.

In mid-May, Target’s market value was more than $74 billion. By Tuesday’s close of trading, the market value had fallen by over $12 billion to only $61.77 billion.

According to Fox Business, the current hammering on the market has put Target’s stock on the longest losing streak in nearly five years and its stock has reached a 52-week low of only $133.88 per share.