Border Surge Leads To Mass Influx Of Immigrants

Over the last two and a half years, many domestic problems within the Continental United States have been significantly exacerbated. Economically, the state of the financial health of vast numbers of a majority of Americans who are members of the working class has deteriorated. While ultimately the middle class of the nation has declined for decades and something known as the hourglass effect has demonstrated this reality clearly, in the years following the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic the gap between the wealthy and the poor has widened significantly. In current days, it is estimated that over 6 in 10 Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. While many “rave” about the stock market and it’s recent “booms”, the sad truth is that for many ordinary people, the S and P 500 is a far cry from the real situations they face on a daily basis.

Culturally, America is a nation without a soul. Over the last several years an intense cultural war has waged between conservatives and progressives and the very foundations of American life and tradition have been questioned. The nuclear family has been under assault (and declined precipitously), activists have questioned whether or not biology should dictate gender limits, and historical revisionism that has demonized and depicted the nation’s founding era in a negative light has been largely accepted as mainstream truth in academia.

But one problem that has been tangibly evident (not merely theoretical) is the crisis continuing to escalate at the southern border. Since 2021, millions of illegal migrants have entered the nation, and many have not come from Mexico. Nationals from Iran, China, and many southern American countries have been apprehended, showing that the whole world is well aware of the porous situation in the southern U.S.. A recent article has stated that tens of thousands crossed in a single week in December alone and 70% were released at will into the interior of the country.