Book Claims Trump Refused To Wear Mask Because Of Makeup

A new publication sheds light on why Donald Trump rarely donned a mask during the height of the coronavirus crisis before vaccines and COVID-19 treatments became available.

Cassidy Hutchinson, once an assistant to Mark Meadows during his tenure as Trump’s chief of staff, attributes the decision to concerns about makeup.

The Guardian cites her book, “Enough,” where she details Trump’s maskless visit to an Arizona Honeywell facility in May 2020, ironically a place where masks were being produced.

In the book, Hutchinson recalls Trump experimenting with a white mask and seeking feedback from his staff.

“I subtly indicated my disapproval. Trump took off the mask and inquired about my reservations,” she penned. “I gestured towards the bands of the N95 in my possession. Observing the bands of his mask, Trump noticed makeup residue.”

His reaction was of discontent.

“Why didn’t anyone inform me?” he remarked. “I won’t be wearing this.”

After this incident, Trump was seldom seen with a mask.

In another section of her book, Hutchinson shares an anecdote where Trump humorously conversed with his then-chief of staff, Mark Meadows, about possibly being infected with COVID after his initial debate with Joe Biden. Intriguingly, a test conducted three days earlier had reportedly confirmed his COVID infection, suggesting he should have ideally refrained from attending the debate.

Hutchinson notes in her book, “Media outlets criticized his absence of a mask, unaware that his self-image was the underlying reason for his aversion. As a result, many of his supporters opted out of wearing masks,” as reported by The Guardian.

Trump, however, has indicated a different rationale for not using a mask.

In 2021, journalists Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker from the Washington Post mentioned Trump’s emphasis on appearing “strong, fit, and invulnerable.”

“Enough” is set to launch on Sept. 26. It’s already creating a buzz not only for Trump’s mask revelation but also for Hutchinson’s allegation of inappropriate behavior by Rudy Giuliani during an event on Jan. 6, 2021, which led up to the Congress attack.

Giuliani has refuted the claim.