Bobby Jindal Joins Donald Trump Thinktank To Push For America First

( The America First Policy Institute, a think tank heavily connected to former President Donald Trump, announced this week that it will be expanding its policy research into the medical field. The nonprofit group announced that former Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, will head up the Center for a Healthy America.

Jindal isn’t just a former Republican governor, but is also a healthcare policy expert – making him a perfect fit.

Brooke Rollins, the President and CEO of the America First Policy Institute, announced that Jindal is a “lifetime champion” of the American people and that they are blessed to have him join the America First family.

Jindal will be joined by Dr. Heidi Overton, who is a physician with years of experience working in healthcare policy and medical research. Overton will serve as the director of the new center.

Announcing his move, Jindal said that the America First policy Institute is a “powerhouse” and said that they will be working on fixing America’s healthcare system because it “doesn’t work.” He added that the healthcare system “exposes chronic policy failure” that is not seen in many other areas of governance and that it’s time for the United States to adopt better solutions that give people acess to higher quality care, greater choice, and lower costs.

The new Center for a Healthy America will work to advance alternatives to liberal policies like Obamacare. It will advocate lower-cost private systems that will tackle high drug prices, limited options, and low-quality care.

Former President Donald Trump often talked about the possibility of making insurance companies compete across state lines, and this may be one of the ways in which the organization advocates greater competition and therefore lower prices. However, we’ll have to wait and see what Jindal and his team come up with.