BLM Leader Admits She Used $6 Million Mansion for Parties

( Patrisse Cullors, the co-founder of Black Lives Matter admitted this week that she used the $6 million LA mansion purchased by Black Lives Matter to host private parties, despite previously claiming she never used the property for personal gain.

Black Lives Matter faced a barrage of criticism last month after it was reported that, in 2020, the organization used donor funds to secretly purchase the 6 bedroom/6 bath Los Angeles mansion that features a swimming pool, soundstage, and office space.

At the time the story broke, Cullors said the mansion was purchased to serve as a meeting venue for Black Lives Matter. She denied suggestions that she was living at the property or had used it for personal gain.

But in an interview with the Associated Press on Monday, Cullors conceded that she used the mansion to throw a private birthday party for her son and to host a celebration for President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Cullors told the AP that she sought refuge at the mansion in January 2021, claiming she had received threats on her life. While there, she decided to host an Inauguration party for about fifteen people, including some BLM supporters and members.

In March of that year, Cullors said she threw a private birthday party for her son, but said she intended to pay rent to Black Lives Matter for her son’s party.

According to the Associated Press, Black Lives Matter confirmed that Cullors has been billed for the birthday party. The organization also said it was reviewing its policies to prevent future abuse.

Now that she got caught, Cullors told the AP that, in hindsight, it “probably wasn’t the best idea” to host private parties at the BLM-owned compound.

Cullors also continued to deny that she personally benefited from her time leading Black Lives Matter. Naturally, she portrayed herself as the victim, telling the AP that the reports surrounding her multiple home purchases, as well as the reports about the LA mansion, have harmed her both “personally and professionally.”