BLACKMAIL: Atlantic Columnist Says Republicans Should Let Dems Win To Stop The Riots

Conservatives Take on Dems at CPAC

( An op-ed by Shadi Hamid published by The Atlantic argued that the Republicans should let the Democrats win the 2020 lections because the Democrats may not be willing to concede and that protesters may continue causing chaos if Trump wins again.

The piece, which is titled, “The Democrats May Not Be Able to Concede,” seems to suggest that if Trump wins even “after losing the popular vote” then “the left may draw the wrong conclusions.”

As if that’s anything other than a situation whereby the left should grow up, take it on the chin, and prepare for the next election better. Maybe they’d have more luck if they started considering the interests and concerns of normal working Americans and not far-left extremists in the coastal cities?

Hamid argues that should Joe Biden lose in November is the worst possible outcome not because President Trump would destroy America, which Hamid says he couldn’t, but because it would “undermine faith in democracy” and result in “more of the social unrest and street battles that cities including Portland, Oregon, and Seattle have seen in recent months.”

So because the left can’t take a defeat, and can’t accept that Americans don’t share their extreme vision or America, the Democrats should be allowed to win?

Hamid also seemed to suggest that the results of an election should be determined by the polls, and not by the actual results.

“A loss for Biden, after having been the clear favorite all summer, would provoke mass disillusion with electoral politics as a means of change-at a time when disillusion is already dangerously high,” he argued.

The point that Hamid appears to be missing is that Trump voters are often too scared to admit that they are planning on voting for him in the election owing to the possible backlash from far-left extremists who might try and ruin their lives if they found out.

Then, incredibly, Hamid says that losers “need to believe that they can win the next time around” if democracy is to work, and argued that democracy is breaking down because the left may feel like they can’t win.

Can’t they just change their message and run a better campaign next time, instead? Or are we now meant to capitulate to demands like a bad parent giving in to a toddler tantrum?