Black Man Stabs White Man While Shouting “Black Lives Matter” According to Report

( Local Colorado news outlets are reporting that black man has been arrested for a hate crime and attempted murder after he shouted “Black Lives Matter!” while stabbing a white man who was trying to run from him. 30-year-old Steve Sinclair was arrested earlier this week by the Aurora Police Department.

9News reported that Sinclair used a knife to stab Michael Conner, who is 29 years old. He was transported to the hospital to treat his injuries and experience a collapsed lung. Conner, who is white, told police officers that the man shouted the political phrase immediately before stabbing him.

The local outlet said that what happened in the moments before the incident is unclear, but that witnesses say the man approached Conner and threatened to kill him and his dog.

A witness said that Conner defended himself from the man using a stick, but Sinclair kept shouting “Black lives matter” and continued to do so when police arrived. It comes as many of the nation’s major cities come under attack from Black Lives Matter extremists every night in the name of Black Lives Matter and so-called “racial justice.”

Sinclair reportedly held up his hands when police arrived and said, “I stabbed him, I’m a psychopath.”

Unsurprisingly he refused to sit down when police officers told him to, and then begged the police officers to shoot him. Perhaps to make himself the next “victim.” After all, criminal Jacob Blake is now a millionaire after far-left extremists set up a fundraiser for him after he resisted arrest and reached for a knife, causing police to shoot him.

According to CBS Denver, several witnesses saw Sinclair attacking Connor as he tried to run away.

Family members say that Conner is doing well but that he is badly injured and will not be able to work for the next six weeks while he recovers from his injuries. If you want to help him out, there’s a GoFundMe campaign set up to help his family as he is the main earner for his family.