Black Hole Spotted Ripping Apart A Star

( According to CBS News on Wednesday, NASA observations show how complicated and disastrous an event can be when a star approaches a black hole too closely.

According to NASA, this process can take several months as the black hole’s gravity gradually draws the star’s interior into itself.

According to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, multiple telescopes saw the most recent such observation, which was made over the course of more than five months.

According to the observations, a powerful black hole about ten times the mass of the sun, 250 million light years away from Earth, was able to rip apart an unfortunate star that wandered too close.

The report states that the star was torn apart and reduced to a long noodle of hot gas because the side closest to the black hole was pulled more strongly than on the opposite side.

Suvi Gezari, a study co-author, reported that observations of the event were published in The Astrophysical Journal in September. She stated that tidal disruption events provide a cosmic laboratory. They serve as our window into the feeding of a vast black hole that lurks in the galaxy’s center.

According to the study, the event provided an unprecedented view of the formation of a corona.  It’s a stage that took place as the star was torn apart, resulting in high-energy X-ray light. The formation of the corona, a cloud of hot plasma above the black hole, surprised observers because coronae typically accompany jets of gas flowing in opposite directions from the black hole. There were no jets present in this instance.

Yuhan Yao, a graduate student at Caltech and the study’s lead author, explained that they’ve never seen a tidal disruption event with X-ray emission like this without a jet present, and that’s spectacular.  It means they can potentially disentangle what causes jets and what causes coronae.  The study’s findings agree that magnetic fields have something to do with how the corona forms, and we want to know what’s causing that magnetic field to get so intense.

The universe seems to have a top-notch recycling system.