Bill Gates Says New COVID Variant Could Be Done Within Months

( Microsoft founder Bill Gates has been a constant and prominent figure throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, largely because of his interest in the development of new vaccines. And whether or not you think Gates’ comments and thoughts on the pandemic are worth listening to, his recent comments about the rapidly spreading Omicron variant of COVID-19 quickly hit the headlines.

On Tuesday, Gates wrote on Twitter that he had canceled most of his holiday plans because of the spread of Omicron – which now accounts for more than 73% of new infections – before adding that he believes the wave of new Omicron cases could be over by March.

Yes, we’ve got another two or three months of this, apparently.

“If there’s good news here, it’s that omicron moves so quickly that once it becomes dominant in a country, the wave there should last less than 3 months,” he said.


Gates went on to warn that there will be yet more “breakthrough” cases of COVID-19, meaning people who are fully vaccinated are likely to still be infected by the virus – even though the vaccine was meant to prevent people from catching it in the first place.

He said that he understands it’s frustrating for COVID to still be looming over us in the holiday season, but that it “won’t be like this forever.”

Well, that depends whether the Republicans or Democrats are in charge…