Bill Gates Finally Says COVID Is Like The Flu

( Bill Gates is not an immunologist and does not even pretend to be one on television.
However, through his charitable foundation, the millionaire co-founder of Microsoft has immersed himself in the study of the world’s issues and contributed billions of dollars to combat the pandemic of malaria in Africa. People pay attention when he talks, making what he said regarding COVID-19 last week intriguing.

Gates said It wasn’t until early February, when he was in a meeting, that foundation specialists declared ‘there’s no chance’ that COVID-19 could have been contained.

He said that they didn’t truly realize the mortality rate at the time. They didn’t know it had a low mortality rate and mainly was a sickness of the elderly, similar to the flu but different.

He eventually backtracked, stressing that Americans must be cautious while criticizing the virus’s first response. He said it was a reasonably terrifying era when the world, including the United States, didn’t go on alert nearly as quickly as it needed to.

Gates also spoke about the current strain of the virus and the effectiveness of vaccinations.

“Once Omicron appears, the vaccine has a little effect on transmission, particularly three to four months after vaccination,” he said.

His remarks came after top authorities from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said the same thing, claiming that COVID-19 is now just like any other flu.

In the Journal of the American Medical Association Journal, FDA Commissioner Robert Califf, Principal Deputy Commissioner Janet Woodcock, and the agency’s top vaccine official, Dr. Peter Marks, wrote that COVID-19 would be in circulation for the foreseeable future and must be accepted as another common virus.

An injection of COVID-19 focusing on the virus’ most severe strain will likely be necessary and will be available just like any other yearly flu shot.

Califf said pandemics might be lessened if people develop protection from disease via vaccinations and natural immunity. SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, is now the new normal. Flu and other respiratory viruses are expected to continue spreading worldwide for the foreseeable future. Vaccine composition will need to be discussed annually with the FDA.

Hopefully, for the sake of humanity, they will consult with Dr. Bill Gates.