Bill Gates Claims He’s A Victim Along With Dr. Fauci

( Last week, billionaire Bill Gates participated in a Twitter Q&A with Devi Sridhar, the chair of global public health at the Edinburgh University Medical School. And during their chat, Gates bemoaned COVID misinformation and the failure of the COVID vaccines to prevent transmission and infection.

Sridhar asked Gates what can be done to deal with the problem of misinformation on social media platforms surrounding vaccines and mask-wearing. He claimed that experts were being neglected while conspiracy theories are allowed to spread on social media platforms as if they are true.

Gates suggested that “trusted authorities” like the World Health Organization and the CDC needed more resources to address the pandemic early and to better communicate. Meanwhile, Gates said, social media was slow to get “factual information” out to the public and predicted that there will be discussions on how to improve that in the future.

Gates told Sridhar that he, Sridhar, and Tony Fauci have been the targets of frequent misinformation which came as a surprise to him. As an example, Gates noted the claim that he wants to embed chips into people, asking “why would I want to do that?”

During their Twitter chat, Gates also expressed disappointment with the COVID vaccines, noting that they do not prevent people from transmitting or contracting COVID. He said we need a vaccine that prevents infections and offers long-term protection from the virus.

Gates also touched on the possible origin of the COVID-19 virus, saying that there is strong data that it developed naturally from another species. He admitted the speculation about the lab leak theory would continue and added that “we should make sure labs are careful.” But he believes future outbreaks from other species will happen “so we need to invest in being ready.”

In short, he thinks lab leak theory is “misinformation.”

Gates also speculated that once the surge from the Omicron variant has passed, COVID-19 will become endemic much like the seasonal flu.