Bill De Blasio Dances In Times Square While Telling Others To Stay Home

( After telling New Yorkers to stay home, radical Democratic Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, enjoyed a private party for himself and his wife in Times Square. In video footage posted online, De Blasio appeared to boast about his private party and danced the night away with his wife.

It was the first time in history that Times Square was closed on New Year’s Eve to grant an elected politician a private party that the city’s residents were told to stay away from.

Times Square is usually attended by many hundreds of thousands of people on New Year’s Eve, where the famous ball drop occurs and people welcome in the new year together.

According to Reuters, Mayor De Blasio and police officials told New Yorkers and visitors from outside of the city to stay away and instead watch the festivities take place on the television.

“A large contingent of police officers will barricade the area to prevent unauthorized people from gathering, aiming to prevent an event that could accelerate the spread of the virus in a city already struggling to contain it,” Reuters reported.

If De Blasio wanted to lead by example, why didn’t he stay at home and live stream his own festivities online…rather than dancing with his wife and taunting the residents of his city?

Cuomo’s party was attended by only a select few guests, with the far-left propagandists on CNN given a pass to come along and taunt millions of viewers with sights of festivities they weren’t allowed to enjoy.

Incredibly, though, guest host Andy Cohen on CNN even criticized De Blasio for his actions, with Anderson Cooper awkwardly laughing along.

Regardless, De Blasio didn’t seem to think he did anything wrong, and has still not issued an apology to the people of his city for doing something that he told others not to do.