Bill Clinton Wants To Replace Meat

( Former President Bill Clinton wants you to stop eating meat. At least, that’s what it sounds like when he praised vegan New York City Mayor Eric Adams for his efforts to make New Yorkers adopt plant-based diets.

No, really. The new Mayor of New York City wants New Yorkers to stop eating meat, and the former President of the United States is supporting him in those efforts. What on earth is going on?

In a tweet on Monday, the former president claimed that making plant-based diets “more accessible and achievable” would somehow “reduce our shared healthcare costs” and “make people feel better in their daily lives.”

He offered no evidence to back up those extraordinary claims, nor did he explain how eating plant-based foods – which usually have extremely long ingredients lists that make up for the natural animal-based ingredients they can’t use – will reduce healthcare costs.

Since when is eating processed fake meat healthier than eating lean meat and vegetables? It’s not.

“I can speak from personal experience! Well done, @NYCMayor,” he continued.

If Bill Clinton wants the world to think that eating a plant-based diet made him healthy…then how does he explain looking half-dead in virtually every photograph over the last decade or so?

Let’s be honest here.

Clinton has reportedly eaten a plant-based diet for many years to help protect his heart health and was showing his support for a new plant-based lifestyle medicine program being rolled out in NYC hospitals thanks to pressure from the new mayor.

But here’s some other interesting news about this: Mayor Adams might not actually be a proper vegan.

He’s certainly claimed that he is, but during an interview earlier this month, he refused to answer whether he eats fish or consumers any other kind of animal product.

During a press conference in Brooklyn, he was quizzed about reports that he has been seen eating fish at restaurants throughout the city. When asked about it, he made bizarre and vague statements that didn’t answer the questions.

“I eat a plant-based-centered life,” he said. “Some people want to call me vegan — vegans eat Oreos and drink Coca-Cola, I don’t. Those who are the food police for me, they can food police all the time.”

So, uh, he’s not a vegan, then?

Either way, nobody is going to be listening to Bill Clinton on eating a vegan diet any time soon…