Bill Clinton Uses Albright’s Death To Push For Military Escalation

( Former President Bill Clinton offered an insight into his last conversation with former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright who passed away last week at the age of 84.

Albright, who was the first female United States Secretary of State, spoke to the former president just two weeks before she passed away.

Speaking to CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday, Clinton said that during his last conversation with Albright, she spent the whole day talking about the importance of protecting Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression.

“She just wanted to support whatever we could do to back Ukraine. And that’s all she wanted to talk about. She — she was happy. She was upbeat,” the former president told CNN.

The death of the legendary political figure was announced by her family on Wednesday who said that she had struggled with cancer and passed away surrounded by her friends and family.

Clinton was the president who appointed Albright to his cabinet, making her the first female Secretary of State back in 1997. She stayed in the role until Clinton left the White House four years later in 2001.

Clinton also said that Albright believed that Russia wasn’t going to attack NATO forces “yet” and that the claims pushed by the Russian president about Ukraine being a “Nazi” country were patently absurd.

The former president also said that his former colleague didn’t want to talk about her health problems during their last call and instead simply told him that she was being treated.

“The main thing we can all do now is to think about the world we want to leave for our kids,” she also reportedly told the former president.

Politics aside, we’re sure our readers will join us in praying for Albright and her family.