Bill Barr Outed By Investigators

( A new book by OAN reporter Jack Posobiec puts a face on the radical Left organization Joe Biden famously called “an idea.”

The ANTIFA – Stories from Inside the Black Bloc chronicles Posobiec’s personal experience investigating Antifa. It contains never-before-seen government documents, interviews with national security officials, as well as startling details about the conversations between President Trump and FBI Director Christopher Wray over declaring Antifa a domestic terrorist organization.

On June 1, Posobiec appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room to discuss the book and he described in detail those conversations between Trump and Wray.

Despite President Trump’s insistence that the FBI get serious about the threat from the violent anarchist organization, Wray dragged his feet. Despite the billions of dollars in damages from last year’s riots, despite the violence outside of the White House on June 1, 2020, Antifa was not a priority for Wray’s FBI.

And that hasn’t change. During a January 6-related hearing before Congress in April, Director Wray was still playing down the threat from Antifa.

According to Posobiec, in his conversations with the President, it didn’t appear Director Wray even understood what Antifa was. Wray, Posobiec explained, sees Antifa, not as an organization but as an ideology. Which sounds a lot like what Joe Biden said in his debate with President Trump.

One could almost wonder if the “Antifa is just an idea” is the official talking point of the Swamp.

Posobiec told Bannon that during the 52 straight nights of Antifa violence in Portland last summer, despite repeated requests for help, Wray wouldn’t do a thing to go after them – maintaining the idea that Antifa was only an ideology and not an organization.

However, Posobiec told Bannon the he has actual emails from Homeland Security that clearly show DHS knew the violence in Portland was planned and organized.

The most surprising thing Posobiec shared is that, despite Wray’s complete incompetence, Attorney General William Barr threatened to resign if President Trump fired Christopher Wray.

Posobiec referred to the effort to resist Trump’s call to target the violent anarchist group a “full scale assault from the bureaucracy.”

And while they refused to do anything about the 52 straight nights of violence in Portland, a brief melee at the Capitol on January 6 is getting the all hands on deck treatment from the DOJ and FBI.

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