Biden’s Son To Launch A Legal Attack, Going On The Offensive

( Hunter Biden is launching a legal attack and going on the offensive after the incoming House of Representatives announced they were preparing to investigate the Bidens. Hunter Biden retained Kevin Morris, a Hollywood attorney, to craft a “legal and media strategy” around the controversy, according to Breitbart.

In Democratic circles, there reportedly appears to be disagreement over how the Bidens should deal with the Republican probes into their family business. Part of the allegations is that Joe Biden has been compromised by foreign lobbying and has sold his influence for personal interests.

Morris believes that the Bidens should go on the offensive and take a more aggressive approach, staying in the spotlight and making public appearances while suing conservative media outlets for “defamation,” as they reported on the now-corroborated laptop that Biden left with a repairman.

Others believe that the Bidens need to take a less aggressive posture toward the probes and allow the White House and congressional Democrats to fight the scandals through public relations.

Hunter reportedly retained Morris to gather dirt on his former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, and his laptop repair man, John Paul Mac Isaac, who they say will likely comply with Republican requests to testify against him.

Morris and the White House also reportedly disagree with one another on how to handle the investigations. Morris, who also gave Hunter $2 million to pay the IRS delinquent taxes, suggests keeping Hunter Biden in the public eye and even recommended that Hunter be part of his father’s reelection campaign.

But Morris’ perspective appears to be an anomaly in the Democratic Party.

“No one thinks this strategy of putting Hunter Biden front and center is smart,” one Democrat speaking on the condition of anonymity told the Washington Post. “No one, including the White House, thinks this is a smart strategy.”

The White House has reportedly maintained that they will not comply with the GOP’s investigations and are arguing that Hunter is a private citizen who is allowed to conduct his own business without scrutiny.