Biden’s Presidential Debate Performance Blamed on Poor Preparation

The Biden family spent last weekend at Camp David where sources say they blamed top campaign advisors for President Biden’s disastrous performance in the June 27 CNN debate against Donald Trump.

The family headed to Camp David purportedly to discuss the “path forward” as pundits, commentators, and elected Democrats began calling for the president to drop out over Biden’s alarming debate performance.

While his family urged Biden to continue in the race, some wanted him to fire or demote some of his advisors, whom they blamed for the embarrassing display on live television.

According to sources familiar with the Camp David discussions, the Biden family complained about the campaign’s debate prep, suggesting that the president was not properly prepared to go on the attack against Trump. Others suggested that Biden got too bogged down by defending his record and spent too little time outlining his vision for his second term.

Other complaints included that the president wasn’t well-rested before the debate, despite spending the week at Camp David before flying to Atlanta.

Those targeted for criticism were Biden’s closest advisor Anita Dunn and her husband Bob Bauer, who played Trump during debate prep. The family was also critical of former White House chief of staff Ron Klain who was in charge of the president’s debate prep. 

The White House and its allies have pointed the finger of blame everywhere except at the president. While the debate was underway, the White House leaked that Biden was suffering from a cold. Allies and staff have also blamed moderators Dana Bash and Jake Tapper for failing to fact-check Donald Trump during the debate.

However, the Biden family, desperate to ignore the president’s failings in the debate, have set their sights on his advisors.

The blame game is unlikely to change the facts on the ground, namely, that the tens of millions of voters who watched the CNN debate are even more likely to think that Joe Biden is unfit for office.

A CBS poll released over the weekend found that 72 percent of respondents do not believe that President Biden is mentally or cognitively able to serve as president, up seven points from a CBS poll from just three weeks earlier.