Biden Will Tell Troops To Stand Down

( Last week, during an interview with NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt, President Biden said he wouldn’t send US troops to Ukraine to help evacuate American citizens if Russia invades.

Lester Holt had asked the president if there was any scenario where he would put US troops on the ground to rescue Americans in Ukraine.

Biden said there was no scenario. He said placing US troops in Ukraine and risking having Americans and Russians shooting at each other would be a “world war” that would put us “in a very different world than we’ve ever been in.”

Holt seemed surprised, asking the president, “Not even on behalf of simply evacuating Americans?”

Again, Biden dismissed the idea, asking Holt how the troops were supposed to find the Americans in Ukraine. Then he said Putin is smart enough not to go into Ukraine and do anything that would negatively impact the Americans there.

Do you see the problem?

On the one hand, the Biden administration is screeching that Putin will invade any day now and Americans in Ukraine must leave now for their own safety. On the other hand, Biden has to downplay the threat Russia poses to the Americans in Ukraine to justify why his administration won’t help get Americans out.

If Joe Biden is telling Lester Holt that Putin is smart enough not to risk the lives of American citizens, then the entire “Americans must leave now because an invasion is imminent” narrative falls flat.

Holt then asked the president if he told Vladimir Putin that.

At first, Biden said he had. But when pressed by Holt if Biden told Putin harming Americans would be a red line, Biden admitted that he didn’t have to tell Putin that. Then he said he did speak to Putin about that. Then he got confused, shifted gears, and said he asked American citizens to leave Ukraine because “we’re dealing with one of the largest armies in the world” and “things could go crazy quickly.”