Biden Used Special Chemical On His Face, Health Report Says

( The president’s health report is in. After being assessed by the White House physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, Joe Biden was described as “healthy” and “vigorous.” The assessment follows months of criticism directed at the president’s age, with many saying he is mentally unfit to serve. But while the doctor says he is fine, the report also includes that he puts liquid nitrogen on his face as part of cryotherapy, according to Mediaite.

Cryotherapy is when someone uses a freezing cold substance to treat abnormal tissue, such as lesions. The president was discovered with a lesion on his chest, which was removed, and may explain the liquid nitrogen as treatment. The report continued to say that the lesion was sent for a traditional biopsy and they are awaiting the results.

The president’s body was also subject to a complete dermatological screening on his body.

In January, First Lady Jill Biden had a lesion from her eye removed by surgeons. O’Connor said that the lesions were non-cancerous, according to Newsmax. The lesions were described as seborrheic keratosis. Under her right eye, however, basal cell carcinoma was found, which is reportedly the most curable form of skin cancer.

Very little has changed since the president’s last physical report. But other doctors did criticize the lack of information regarding his cognitive health, according to Fox News. Dr. Janette Nesheiwat noted that the presidency is a tough position and is very mentally demanding, saying that he must be “physically, mentally, and emotionally capable.”

Dr. Marc Siegel reiterated that sentiment and said that more was learned from the report with what was omitted rather than included, pointing to the “stiff gait” mentioned in the report to indicate cognitive decline. He noted that while they performed a neurologic exam, Biden did not undergo an MRI.