Biden Under Fire From Megyn Kelly For Touching Young Girl While Giving Dating Advice

( Media personality Megyn Kelly was quite critical of President Joe Biden for placing his hands on a young girl’s shoulders and offering unwanted dating advice.

“I’m sorry, but that’s just strange,” Kelly said.

She said no one wants him caressing their shoulders and providing relationship advice. Kelly’s rant was during the Monday edition of her talk program on SiriusXM, The Megyn Kelly Show.

“First and foremost, take a look at how miserable she looks,” Kelly noted.

Kelly was disturbed that an elderly man would give someone’s daughter any relationship advice about when she should settle down with a partner.

“Step away, sir,” continued Kelly. “She said she likes him much better when he’s not doing anything,

On Friday, President Biden was in Irvine, California, where he was campaigning for Democrats in advance of the midterm elections. While there, he took some time to pose for pictures with the people who attended the event. The little girl, who seemed to be in her early teenage years, smiled for the camera as the president placed his hands on her shoulders and told her, “Now, a very important thing I told my daughter and granddaughters – no serious boys till you’re 30.”

The girl responded by saying, “I’ll keep that in mind.”

During the discussion about the footage, Kelly told her audience that it was just another example of things being “off.”

Kelly expressed her confusion by stating, “I don’t know what it is, I don’t know what he’s done, but something’s off.”

She wondered what was wrong with this man, but assessed that something definitely is. She said this kind of behavior is not typical among men.

In a speech he gave earlier this month in Nevada, former President Donald Trump showed a video compilation of Biden’s gaffes.

During his campaign for the presidency in 2020, Joe Biden brought up the fact that he stuttered as a youngster; however, stuttering doesn’t make you stupid.