Biden Tries To Snub Russia By Not Rejoining Treaty That Helped U.S.

( While most Americans no doubt hope that President Joe Biden can successfully navigate the difficult matter of diplomacy with Russia over the next four years, it just feels as though every move he makes lately is something that Russia will brush off. And the latest effort from the Biden administration is the announcement that the United States won’t rejoin the Open Skies Treaty with NATO allies and Russia that previously allowed for each country to make surveillance flights over military facilities.

President Donald Trump withdrew from the Open Skies treaty in 2020, slamming Russia for refusing to adhere to the arms control treaty, and President Joe Biden’s announcement that the United States won’t be rejoining is also a vindication of the former president.

But it doesn’t seem very likely that President Biden will admit that the Obama-Biden administration was wrong about that…

The announcement comes ahead of a Biden-Putin summit expected sometime this summer. It’s an interesting move not just because it effectively means that Biden is admitting Trump was right, but also because Britain, France, and Canada are still signed up to the Open Skies treaty with Russia.

The Associated Press revealed how one government official said that ever since President Biden has taken office, Russia has been completely absent on the issue and has made zero effort to return to compliance and re-enter the treaty.

Under the Trump administration, however, discussions were ongoing about how the United States-Russia relationship could be improved, and what would be required to return to compliance with the treaty’s conditions.

President Bidens’ decision to maintain Trump’s position means that the United States military cannot inspect Russian nuclear objects, and Russia will not be able to fly over American military airspace.

Does President Biden think he can intimidate Russia by proving that he can’t move on from President Trump’s (effective) policies? Given Russia’s lack of interest in negotiating with Biden on the matter, it doesn’t look good for the president.

We’ll report back once the Biden-Putin summit takes place.