Biden Surrounded By Protestors As He Tries To Vacation

( President Biden and First Lady Jill left the White House in a motorcade for Joint Base Andrews outside of the capital, where his son Hunter Biden, daughter-in-law Melissa Cohen, and grandson Beau met them on Air Force One.

His grandson Beau stole the show upon departure by imitating the president by donning a matching blue mini-me suit and waving at the audience. President Joe Biden and his family landed in South Carolina on Wednesday for a week-long vacation on Kiawah Island.

After landing at Joint Base Charleston, the family was taken to a luxury residence in a gated neighborhood next to a golf club on Kiawah Island.

Requests for information on Biden’s vacation plans, activities, or when he would return to Washington went unanswered by the White House. According to a White House representative, the president will stay at a friend’s house on the island the family has previously visited.

The president was finally released from isolation and reunited with his wife after nearly three weeks apart, owing to his infection after testing negative for COVID this past weekend.

Although his doctor has given Biden the all-clear to fly, he is still experiencing post-COVID cough.

His family has previously visited the Kiawah numerous times, including four times while he served as vice president, but this is his first trip there since becoming president.

While Biden is in South Carolina, the House is scheduled to vote on a package including many of his aims, including the most significant investment ever made in the battle against climate change, totaling $369 billion over ten years. The proposal would limit Medicare beneficiaries’ out-of-pocket expenses for prescription drugs to $2,000 and prolong subsidies from the coronavirus epidemic to assist an estimated 13 million Americans to afford health insurance.

Biden was greeted by protestors, many of whom held signs displaying their contempt for the largely unpopular President.

One sign said, “Sleepy Joe- The Big Guy (10%)- Worst POTUS Ever!”

The sign referenced Biden’s nickname in an email detailing his son’s corruption which also suggests the President is implicated in the dirty dealings.

Meanwhile, Trump’s home has been raided by the FBI.