Biden Suggests He Wants To Stay In Ireland

In Dublin, President Joe Biden came for his meeting with the President of Ireland, bringing along his son Hunter and his sister Valerie for the journey once again.

After spending the previous day with his Irish cousins, Biden was scheduled to spend the following day in Dublin, the capital city of Ireland.

Biden made a mess when he confused the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team with the British force, the  Black and Tans,  who mercilessly put down Irish Republicans in the 1920s. Biden confused the Black and Tans with the All Blacks.

According to a report, Biden was given a stately welcome at the president’s home in Dublin.

Biden declared with a grin that he wasn’t going back home. 

While meeting with the Irish President, Biden and his team had to deflect shouted inquiries regarding a massive security leak that had Washington in an uproar. 

After giving a speech about his Irish heritage the day before, Biden referred to a New Zealand rugby squad, the “All Blacks,” as “the Black and Tans,” a notorious British security force, when complimenting a rugby-playing cousin.

The gaffe almost stole the spotlight from Biden’s cross-border actions the day before when he tried to appease the Catholic and Protestant communities in Northern Ireland.

However, making reference to the despised British force soon enraged northern unionists who supported London. 

Although the event took place at a dining establishment in Louth, the White House nonetheless felt the need to edit away the phrase “Black and Tans” from the official transcript.

In the Irish War of Independence over a century ago, the British government recruited an auxiliary security force known as the Black and Tans.  They were ruthless toward Catholics, Republicans, and anybody else who stood in their path.

When the force opened fire on a Gaelic soccer game at Croke Park in Dublin in 1920, 14 persons were killed, and 60 were injured. 

His blunder was swiftly interpreted as further evidence that Biden is hostile toward the United Kingdom. 

Biden traveled to Belfast at a time of political impasse, with unionists fearful that a president so sympathetic to the Irish cause would misunderstand their plight.