Biden Suffers Major Voting Group Losses

Over the last 80 years, the nature of everyday life for average Americans has changed markedly. Indeed, while technology has advanced, the state of national culture has warped to such an extent that the country would be unrecognizable today to someone who passed away in the 1950s. The rise of globalism was apparent following 1945, when America and politicians within the government sought to make the country the “policeman” of the planet. Then came the Vietnam debacle in which thousands of lives and billions of dollars were lost while nothing was accomplished and communism spread.

The counterculture movement sparked a culture war in America that has been ongoing for decades as the radical left wing of Marxists in domestic politics has slowly chipped away and moved the needle “little by little”, completely changing the nature of national culture. After removing God from education, destroying the role of religion in public, indoctrinating generations of children in public schools and destroying traditional gender roles and the nuclear family, the left has reshaped the composition of American society. Progressives have been winning the cultural war for years, and the conservative opposition has been unable to compete with radicals seeking to transform the country forever.

Now, in the present day it appears that the United States is experiencing nearly unprecedented political tensions. The country is arguably more polarized and divided than at any other time since the American Civil War which occurred 160 years ago.

As the calendar year of 2024 begins, the presidential election is now only 11 months away. The former president Donald Trump appears the likely nominee of the Republican party and a rematch of the 2020 presidential election seems likely. In a recent poll, the incumbent President Joe Biden received poor news. In an article by the New York Post, it appears that more Hispanic voters and voters under 35 now narrowly support Trump at a 2% margin over Biden.