Biden Starts Smiling After Staffers Start Screaming At Press

( It’s a familiar scene that is as disturbing as the first time we witnessed it.

On May 16, President Joe Biden met with Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

The meeting went well and was friendly and cordial. Biden chose to wear a blue tie with the Greek flag on it for the event.

Both Jill and Joe Biden thanked the Greek people, the Greek community, and the Mitsotakis couple for their warm welcome.

The American president joked that he was dubbed “Bidenopoulos” because, as a Delaware legislator, he received 92 percent of the vote from the Greek community. (Biden seems to have a story ready for any occasion, the veracity of which is always in question.)

The Greek Prime Minister joked that he should opt to be called “Bidenakis.” The “akis” suffix is a more Cretan variant of the Peloponnesian “poulos.”

The two leaders discussed their strong and growing defense partnership, their shared democratic values, and their commitment to expanding bilateral trade and investment.

They also talked about what’s going on in Ukraine, including the strong support for efforts to impose costs on Russia for its unprovoked aggression. They both pledged to continue to support the people and government of Ukraine.

As the meeting came to a close, the press in attendance quickly sprung into action and began asking questions because their access to the president is almost exclusively minimal.

In the video, one could hear Biden’s handlers quickly jump in and begin to drown out the press and their queries.

“Thank you, thank you, goodbye, thank you, let’s go, thank you, bye, let’s go,” was shouted by a handler with a highly annoying, tinny, and obnoxious voice.

This type of scene has been an unsettling trend, where the president is shielded from the inquiry with an almost too urgent fervor. The impression one is left with is that a panic sets in if there is a moment that the president might be able to talk off-script.

Visiting heads of state must view this as a weakness.

To make matters worse, Biden has reacted more than once to this chaotic scene by sitting there and grinning ear to ear and laughing.

One wonders if this is disdain for the press or if Biden is simply too far gone to understand that laughing at that moment is not the appropriate reaction.

You can watch it HERE.