Biden Spent Over A THIRD Of September Off The Campaign Trail

( According to an analysis of the days the Joe Biden campaign called a lid on campaigning to journalists, the Democratic presidential nominee spent more than a third of September off the campaign trail. It comes as speculation rises that Biden isn’t up to the job of president, and isn’t capable of properly running a presidential campaign.

Journalist Mona Salama published a list of the days that Joe Biden called a lid on campaigning, which simply means informing the press that there will be no events to cover and no interviews.

“Tracking Biden Campaign Lid Calls for the month of September. (Date, time & what the pool reporters of the day wrote),” she said.

Salam said that, as of Saturday, there were 10 lid calls, four of which were from the last week alone.

On Thursday, Biden hit the headlines when he called a lid for the day at 09:26 a.m., with the campaign explaining that he would be less available as he was preparing for the upcoming debate against President Donald Trump. It was the ninth half-day that month, according to conservative outlet Hot Air.

On the same day, President Donald Trump attended several campaign events while also finding time to run the country.

Breitbart reported how, once added up, the time spent off the campaign was more than one-third of the month of September. It means that Joe Biden may be incapable of campaigning, but it also suggests that he has spent a significant amount of time preparing for the debates.

Commentator Hugh Hewitt said that Biden may be “shrewdly lowering expectations” for the debate, while being “very well prepared and very ready to mix it up” the following week.

What do you think, is Joe Biden incompetent, or is he preparing behind the scenes to pull off a kill debate performance?