Biden Snubs Reporters On Camera

( President Joe Biden has had a busy week ignoring the media and refusing to be honest and transparent with the American public. As the president was preparing to begin discussions with Russian President Vladimir Putin, members of the press were shoved and forced out of the room.

But before members of the media were forced out, video was captured of President Biden reaching for his flash cards – or “cheat cards” – to help him through the four hours of meetings that occurred just afterwards.

Remember the days when President Donald Trump would invite members of the press into discussions with foreign leaders? The media was even invited to see some of the early discussions with communist North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un!

And there were no cheat cards to be seen…

And because the U.S. president didn’t seem to want anybody present even in the early stages of the meeting, it was left to the Russian Foreign Ministry to tweet out a photograph of the meeting.

So at least we have an idea of who was in attendance…just not what was said.

The tweet described the photo as the “first footage from the extended talks between the presidents of Russia and the United States.”

After the meeting ended, President Biden also refused to host a joint press conference with the Russian president, as is custom when two world leaders meet. Instead, Biden held an individual press conference and only took questions from a pre-approved list of journalists from left-wing news outlets.

This guy really doesn’t like accountability or transparency, does he?

Biden said that he had achieved what he set out to do with the Putin meeting, but little I the way of details have been made available to the general public or the press so far.

Can you believe this is the guy leading discussions and negotiations with world leaders?