Biden Slammed As Weak After U.S. Troops Are Killed

The terrible drone attack in Jordan that killed three U.S. military men was, according to former president Trump, caused by President Biden. What Trump sees in Biden is weakness and surrender. In the immediate aftermath of the strike, Trump slammed Biden.

Posting on Truth Social, Trump discussed the brazen drone assault in Jordan, where three American soldiers died and several more were wounded in the attack. Trump has long been critical of Biden’s leadership style and has even hinted that foreign leaders may be affected by the impression that the US is weak.

For American military members, this is a watershed moment since it is the first Middle Eastern occurrence involving enemy soldiers since Israel’s war with Hamas began.

On Sunday, Biden said that terrorist organizations with Iranian links carried out the assault. The Pentagon described it as an attack on a patrol base in northeastern Jordan, close to the border with Syria and Iraq. The hit resulted in injuries to around 25 troops.

In response to Hamas’s assault on southern Israel on October 7, which sparked an ongoing conflict in Gaza, President Trump said that the group was able to carry out its attacks because the United States’ leadership was seen as weak and ineffectual.

He stated on Truth Social on Sunday that this attack would never have occurred if he were President, lamenting that If only we could have prevented the Iranian-backed Hamas attack on Israel and the War in Ukraine, we might have had a chance for peace throughout the world. Instead, Trump said, World War 3 is about to break out.

The former president said that the United States would be unable to last under Biden’s leadership.

As Iranian-backed militants continue to threaten U.S. soldiers in the region, Saturday’s strikes are sure to add fuel to the fire.

Three Iraqi sites used by organizations supported by Iran were struck last week under Biden’s order. The United States does not intend to escalate the situation in the area, as Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin stressed the previous week. Nevertheless, he emphasized that the nation is ready to take extra precautions to safeguard its citizens and infrastructure.