Biden Replacing Four Trump Appointed Members

( President Joe Biden is reportedly replacing four people appointed to the United States Commission on Fine Arts who were appointed by former President Donald Trump, in yet another vindictive move designed to wipe away any remnants of President Donald Trump’s pro-America administration.

The new members will not require the confirmation of the Senate, and the four members appointed by the former president were warned that they must resign before Monday night. They will be replaced by Bill Tsein, a partner from Tod Williams Billie Architects. It’s a convenient appointment…given that he is the head of the team designing the presidential library for former President Barack Obama.

Hazel Ruth Edwards, the chairperson of the Department of Architecture at Howard University, will also be appointed. She will be joined by Peter Cook from HGA Architects who has work on display at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, as well as Justin Garrett Moore, the Inaugural Program Officer for the Humanities at the Andrew Mellon Foundation.

Given that President Biden reversed an order by former President Donald Trump that required all new government buildings to be built in a classical architectural style, you can go ahead and guess what kind of architecture and art the new appointments favor.

Justin Shubow, an appointee from the Trump administration who took up the role in 2018, shared a copy of the letter he received with NPR. It said that, should the commission not receive his resignation, his position would be “terminated effective 6:00 pm tonight.”

The rude and sudden warning is just one more time that President Joe Biden booted perfectly capable people from their roles for the simple reason that they were appointed by former President Donald Trump.

The Washington Post revealed that not one member of the commission offered their resignations, forcing the government to fire them.

Is Joe Biden the most petulant and bitter president in American history?