Biden Promises Maui Visit But No Date Set

Last week, President Joe Biden said that he would visit Hawaii as soon he could to see the ongoing efforts to recover from the flames that raced through Maui and claimed the lives of scores of people.

As a concession to White House worries that he does not interfere with the current operation to remove additional corpses from devastated structures, Biden did not declare he would visit Maui itself while at an event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Officials at the White House were conversing about the logistics of a presidential visit.

According to Biden, he had a conversation about planning a trip to Hawaii with Governor Josh Green.

President Biden’s “no comment” statement over the weekend drew criticism since the number of people killed in the wildfires in Lahaina was getting close to 100.

East Palestine, Ohio, the site of a railway crash in February that resulted in the discharge of dangerous chemicals, is one location he has not yet visited, despite having said many months ago that he wanted to travel there.

Recent reports show that, under pressure, Biden finally arrived in Hawaii and stumbled through a brief address in Lahaina before meeting with those affected by the recent wildfires on Maui and the first responders who helped them.

According to reports, in his speech to the victims of the Maui wildfires, Biden once again focused on himself. After Biden went on about the tragic deaths of his first spouse and kids, he lied about his home being burned down.

Biden said he didn’t want to compare hardships, but he Jill had some idea of losing a house. He laughed as he explained that a bolt of lightning hit his home. He had almost lost his wife, his 1967 Corvette, and their pet cat.

This is just one of many instances Biden has repeated this fabrication. In fact, his home was spared from the fire.
According to reports, a relatively small kitchen fire broke out at Biden’s house in 2004 when lightning hit the home. Jill called the fire department, and in 20 minutes, the fire was put out.