Biden Privately Told Al Sharpton He’s Running In 2024

( During a private conversation after a meeting with “civil rights leaders” at the White House last month, President Biden allegedly told Al Sharpton that he fully intended to seek a second term in 2024, according to Sharpton.

During the meeting with “civil rights leaders,” Sharpton recounted for the group a meeting he had with Biden in January 2019 before Biden declared his 2020 candidacy. At that meeting, Biden had sought Sharpton’s advice about running in 2020 and asked for Sharpton’s endorsement or, at the very least, a pledge of neutrality, since the 2020 field included two black candidates.

Sharpton boasted to the group that he was one of the first people to know that Joe Biden planned to run in 2020.

After the meeting with “civil rights leaders,” Biden spoke privately with Sharpton, saying Sharpton was one of the first people to know. Then he told Sharpton he would “do it again” in 2024.

While both Biden and his allies have indicated that he will run for reelection in 2024, they’ve avoided making it official, partly because an official announcement would trigger campaign finance reporting laws and partly because the old man probably isn’t going to run for president but the Democrats know if he announces that now, it would send the party into turmoil before a midterm election they are already poised to lose.

Biden no doubt fully intends to run again. He is far too vain to make an honest assessment of his chances.

The question is, will the Democrats want Biden as their nominee?

Joe Biden turns 80 next month and was already the oldest man to ever take the oath of office. His cognitive abilities are declining as rapidly as his approval numbers.

On Tuesday, Biden sat down for a softball interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper where he suggested that he would wait until after the November midterm election to “be in the process of deciding.”