Biden Polling Collapses With Hispanics

( President Joe Biden’s approval ratings have been plummeting for some time now, and the Democrats honestly probably expected it. From the inflation crisis to the border crisis, obviously the American people aren’t going to be all that impressed by what Biden has done during his first year in office.

But were they expecting to see his approval ratings among Hispanic voters slip, too?

New data from a PBS/Marist poll show how Biden’s approval rating among white Americans is now only 40 percent, and among Hispanics it’s only 33 percent. Only one-third of Hispanic American voters have confidence in President Joe Biden – and the Democrats do nothing but pander to Hispanic Americans!

Disapproval ratings among white people stand at a massive 56 percent, and among Hispanics, it’s even higher at 65 percent.

This is really bad news for the Democrats.

The Democrats’ approval ratings among Hispanics have been dropping ever since the last election, and though President Biden claims to be the most popular presidential candidate in history, he didn’t exactly win over Hispanic Americans in the last election either.

It means that Republicans are on a strong footing for the 2022 midterm elections, where they are expected to win back both the House and the Senate. After all, how can the Democrats maintain control when they would have had control for two years at that point and didn’t manage to pass anything consequential – or at least, positive and consequential?

This is a lesson for the Democrats that Hispanics recognize failure regardless of whether those failing are pandering to them or not.