Biden Officials Ask Students To Report Schools

( At the end of Pride Month, the White House joined with “transgender” activists to produce an official video on “Transgender Equality.” In it, officials offered gushing support to transgender youth urging them to become activists against “anti-transgender discrimination.”

Now, as part of the back-to-school push, the administration is at it again.

In a video produced by the Department of Justice last week, administration officials once again encouraged “transgender” school children to become part of the fight against “anti-transgender” laws in their states.

The DOJ’s assistant attorney general for civil rights, Kristen Clarke, who also appeared in the June video, assured these potential “transgender” kids watching that the Federal government had their backs and would fight against state laws which “discriminate” against “transgender” children – laws like limiting girls’ sports to girls, keeping boys out of girls’ bathrooms, and prohibiting the chemical and surgical mutilation of children.

Clarke assured any potential viewers that these laws are “wrong” and “against the law.”

Suzanne Goldberg, the Department of Education’s acting assistant secretary for civil rights said that the Education Department and the entire Biden administration “stand behind you.”

Kristen Clarke provided a website where these “transgender” students could file discrimination complaints against their local schools and states.

Biden’s gender-confused Assistant Secretary for Health and Human Services Richard Levine, who now fancies himself Rachel, assured any “transgender” watching that President Biden has their back.

Of course, given how Biden keeps stabbing our allies in the back, that probably didn’t come as much of a comfort.

But Richard Levine also wanted these guys to know he has their back too.

Most of what they prattled on about in this “Back to School” video is nearly identical to the platitudes and reassurances they made back in June.

But a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington was not so moved by the garbage these officials were peddling.

In an email to Fox News, Roger Severino said that by producing videos like this, the administration is “pushing unscientific ideologies.”

Severino told Fox that back to school messages shouldn’t be pushing garbage that “hurt children” or counter the rights of their parents. If the state is going to issue back to school messages, Severino said, they should be about “seeking and learning truth.”

Severino added that children “struggling with their male or female bodies” can be shown compassion and respect “without forcing doctors to provide sterilizing surgeries and hormones or allowing biological boys to compete against and shower with girls.” Unfortunately, Severino explains, that is precisely what this administration is requiring.