Biden Nominates Communist China Linked Propagandist!

( President Joe Biden advanced the nomination of former United States Senator Dennis DeConcini of Arizona to become the next member of the Board of Trustees for the Barry Goldwater Scholarship in Education Foundation – a man who has repeatedly benefitted from trips to China sponsored by an organization connected to the Chinese Communist Party.

The shocking revelation comes from the National Pulse, which reported that even though the foundation distributes huge sums of money to American students in the fields of mathematics, engineering, and natural sciences, Biden’s nominee had made at least five trips to China…where COVID-19 is widely understood to have originated from.

The Pulse explained that the Arizona Senator was given the opportunity to visit China thanks to funding from the China-United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF), a propaganda organization supported by the Chinese Communist Party that works to “co-opt and neutralize” any possible sources of opposition to the Chinese Communist Party’s goals. The United States government has even said that CUSEF works to influence foreign governments to take policy positions that support communist China’s goals.

Even worse? The “Former U.S. Congressman Program” sponsors former legislations to visit China, and expects participants to then create positive reports about their trip to China which are distributed among their former colleagues, experts, and influential individuals in the United States. And the participants are chosen based on how senior they are.

It’s no surprise, therefore, the DeConcini was chosen…given that he is formerly the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

This isn’t the first time that Biden has chosen a recipient of CUSEF funds, and we’re guessing it won’t be the last.

You can read the shocking full report here.