Biden Makes Emergency Announcement About Weather

( While Hurricanes aren’t a welcome sight for those in its path, one person, relieved to have something other than Afghanistan to talk about, was delighted at the news that Tropical Storm Ida was poised to slam into Louisiana and Mississippi.

After Sunday’s contentious and unpleasant visit with the families of the fallen at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, Joe Biden flew down to the Gulf Coast to meet with federal, state and local governments to talk about the storm.

When reporters tried to query Biden about the events in Kabul, he flatly refused to discuss Afghanistan.

Silly reporter! Don’t you know the whole reason he flew down to the Gulf Coast was to distract everybody from his failure in Afghanistan?!

“I’m not supposed to take any questions.”

He keeps saying things like that. Who is ordering this man not to take questions? Isn’t he the President?

On Monday, the President held a virtual roundtable meeting with FEMA and others to discuss the ongoing aftermath of the storm which left widespread damage, flooding and millions without power.

As he kicked off the meeting, a weary and not-at-all-well Biden referred to one of his White House advisors, former Louisiana Congressman Cedric Richmond, who is black, as “boy.” Because of course he did.

Why on earth did he leave his stupid mask dangling from his ear? Talk about distracting.

Given how disastrously the Biden administration handled the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan, it probably wasn’t much of a comfort to Mississippi and Louisiana that this is the guy leading hurricane disaster response.

Joe Biden couldn’t coordinate a donut run let alone disaster relief efforts after a massive tropical storm.

But the White House needs the optics of Biden taking care of business like it’s any other day in America.

They need to have him seen as being in charge.

For all their crowing about what an amazing success this disastrous withdrawal was, in reality the White House knows Biden’s bungling, missteps, and lies have damaged his presidency going forward. They needed a major distraction – something they could exploit to show Joe Biden doing something presidential.

Lucky for them, the weather cooperated.