Biden Is Lifting Travel Restrictions Amid Slowing Economy

( President Joe Biden is all set to announce that travel restrictions, blocking people from entering the United States from abroad, will be lifted as of November 8. Sort of.

The prospect of people being able to enter the United States and visit family members, come for a vacation, or invest in the United States is no doubt exciting for many – but if you’re not vaccinated, then don’t expect any hospitality to be extended to you.

Biden doesn’t want you here.

On Thursday, the White House announced that land borders would be officially opened to Canada and Mexico, and that people will be allowed to fly into the United States as of November 8. However, in order to enter the country travelers will be required to show proof that they have been fully vaccinated, as well as a negative COVID-19 test taken three days before departing.

Land travelers will only need to show proof of vaccination and no negative COVID-19 test.

Don’t go expecting any changes to the rules with regards to wearing masks on planes, either. You’ll still need to wear a mask even though you’re surrounded by vaccinated passengers.

The White House says that the new policy is “guided by public health, stringent, and consistent.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson worked with President Joe Biden to established a joint task force back in June of this year to discuss how to open up borders to allow travel into the country, but Biden at the time was “very reluctant” to restart the flights.

Don’t forget that one of the first things that President Joe Biden did after taking office was roll back a policy from the Trump administration to open up the borders and once again allow travel to and from our international allied countries.