Biden is Getting Ready To Push New Court Judges Through

( A lot of attention in the time since former President Donald Trump left office about how he and the conservative majority in the Senate reshaped federal courts across the country.

While a lot of that focus is obviously pointed toward the Supreme Court — where Trump successfully nominated and confirmed Brett Kavanaugh, Neil Gorsuch and Amy Coney Barrett during his four years in the White House — he appointed many other federal judges to other benches.

But, the fact is that President Joe Biden has now been able to appoint more federal judges to new posts than Trump was able to do at this same point in their terms.

Axios published a report recently that pointed out this fact. So far, Biden has successfully appointed 58 new district court judges. In the same timeframe when he was in office, Trump had appointed only 26 — less than half of what Biden has done. Trump ended his presidency with 174 new district judges appointed.

Thus far, Biden and the liberal-led Senate has been able to confirm in excess of 80 new judges just since Biden entered the White House in January of 2021. That is a large reshaping of the federal court system.

Unfortunately for liberals, they haven’t been able to reshape the highest court in the nation — the Supreme Court. Biden has successfully appointed one new Supreme Court Justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson, but she was replacing the retiring liberal justice Stephen Breyer. That was an even swap that didn’t change the balance of power on the high court.

Diving beyond the district court level, Axios reported that Biden has thus far appointed 20 judges to various appeals courts throughout the nation. At this point in his presidency, Trump was able to appoint slightly more — 24. For his entire four-year term, Trump appointed 54 judges to appeals courts.

So much attention is spent on the Supreme Court because of the ultimate power that it holds in shaping law in the nation. One has to look no further than earlier in the summer, when the high court overturned the Roe v. Wade law and stripped away federal abortion protections.

At the same time, judges at all levels of the justice system play an important role in shaping the outcomes of legal challenges. To that point, Democrats have been hard at work trying to get as many liberal judges appointed to key federal positions as they can while they still hold control of the White House and the Senate — which is the chamber of Congress responsible for confirming presidential nominations.

This could all change come November, though, when it’s being widely predicted that Republicans will retake control of the Senate. If that were to happen, the pace of judicial appointments could slow to an absolute crawl.

Maybe even more importantly to Democrats, should another seat on the Supreme Court come up in Biden’s remaining time in the White House, it would be all but certain that a conservative-led Senate would never approve any of his likely ultra-liberal nominees.