Biden Has Brain Malfunction While Signing Important Executive Order

( Last week, President Biden went all-in on the mutilation of children, signing an executive order designed in part to undermine states that bar irreversible “gender-affirming” surgery for minors.

This executive order was part of the White House’s “Pride Month” efforts. Because apparently now Pride Month is all about destroying young people’s lives in the name of “transgender rights.”

And like every Biden administration order, every department is granted authority to supersede the rights of parents and criminally target those who would try to prevent minors from being irreversibly harmed the surgical and chemical mutilation.

And during the White House event “celebrating” this sweeping, unconstitutional executive order, old Joe had a tough time with the lingo.

The 79-year-old Biden was defeated by the ever-expanding acronym:

And just as he was about to put his signature on the order he clearly didn’t write, grandpa once again got confused, referring to lesbians as “liberation.”