Biden Has A List Of Potential 2024 Leaders To Help His Campaign 

( President Joe Biden hasn’t officially announced that he’s running for re-election yet, but he’s apparently already narrowing a list of people who he wants to lead his campaign. 

Sources have told the Washington Examiner that this is one of the last major details that Biden wants to wrap up before he officially announces that he’ll be seeking a second term in the White House. That announcement should be coming in the next few months. 

The president has hinted multiple times that he is indeed planning to run for re-election. Just last week, he told reporters that he would make his decision public “when I announce it.” 

Biden isn’t under as much pressure as Republican candidates to hurry up and officially announce his candidacy. For one, it’s likely that if he does run for re-election, he won’t have many – if any – significant challenges from within his party for the Democratic nomination. 

In addition, as the current president, Biden is already in the public eye. So, he doesn’t need to build public awareness about who he is or what he stands for. Many people would say, though, that the image Biden is projecting now as president isn’t a great one. 

So, who are some of the potential candidates that Biden is weighing to lead his re-election campaign? The Washington Examiner pointed out a few in a recent analysis piece they did. 

First, they name Jenn Ridder, who served on Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign as the national states director. She’s also worked on other national campaigns, including being a member of both presidential campaigns for former President Barack Obama. 

She also helped to elect Colorado Democratic Governor Jared Polis in 2019 and Senator Mark Udall, who was first elected back in 2009. 

Another person under consideration is Sam Cornale, who currently serves on the Democratic National Committee as its executive director. He was elevated to this leading position at the DNC back in 2021, in preparation for the 2022 midterms election cycle. 

Prior to that promotion, Cornale served as an assistant for the DNC during both the 2018 and 2020 election cycles. 

Media outlet The Hill reported recently that there are some other people who are on Biden’s radar to serve as senior staffers on his re-election campaign.  

One person is Emma Brown. She served as the campaign manager for Senator Mark Kelly during the midterm elections last year.  

Also under consideration is Addisu Demissie, who back in 2020 headed up the presidential campaign for Senator Cory Booker.  

Quentin Fulks, who was the campaign manager for Senator Raphael Warnock in 2022, and Julie Chavez Rodriguez, who served as the deputy campaign manager for Biden back in 2020, are also under consideration for major positions. 

Rodriguez works with Biden now as one of the White House’s senior advisers, so she probably has an inside track to one of the major leadership positions on the president’s expected re-election campaign.