Biden Harasses Russia Yet Again With More Needless Sanctions

( President Joe Biden tried to make out that his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Switzerland last week went off without a hitch. Though much of the details of their conversation have yet to be made public, Biden told the press that he achieved what he set out to do.

And now, it looks like things might not have gone as smooth as he claims.

On Sunday, White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan revealed that the United States is preparing to place new sanctions on Russia after Aleksei Navalny, Putin’s main political opposition, was allegedly poisoned by the state last year.

Speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Sullivan said that the White House is preparing a new round of sanctions against Russia for the incident, which saw Navalny placed into a medically-induced coma to save his life. The procedure was performed in Germany, and he returned to Russia once he recovered. Navalny was then arrested and has been in prison ever since.

Sullivan said that the U.S. government won’t pull punches with Russia, whether it’s a response to the Solar Winds hack, election interference, or the poisoning of political opposition and activists – something that Russia is pretty known for at this point.

He said that the sanctions will be implemented as soon as the packages have been fully developed and the right targets have been identified. And then, once that’s done, more sanctions should be expected against Russia with regards to “chemical weapons.”

If only President Biden was this tough with China…you know, the country that released a deadly virus to the world and tried to cover it up?

The Biden administration first administered sanctions against Russia for the nerve agent attack against Navalny in March, and talk of new sanctions has only happened now that President Biden has met with the Russian president in person.

Putin doesn’t appear to be cooperating with Biden on the Navalny issue so far, slamming Biden’s pushback over his imprisonment by stating Navalny will be treated no differently than any other prisoner.